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Perfect Industries 10.90 € (0.00%) Green Fuel 11.37 € (0.00%) Tropican Holidays 16.89 € (0.00%) Super Power 16.07 € (0.00%) SkyHigh Aeronautics 36.27 € (0.00%) 3DD Systems Solutions 12.16 € (0.00%) 3rd Millennia Group 21.54 € (0.00%)
The market is currently closed! It'll open again on Thursday, 26th April 2018 at 10:00. We look forward to your visit!


We also offer issuers and investors the opportunity to buy and sell ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities) to emit or to acquire exchange-traded securities in the asset class of goods. On the HYBSE platform, diamonds, gold, silver, petroleum , natural gas, Palladium, Rhodium and various agricultural goods will soon be available.

ETCs are securities that give a simple and transparent participation in the development of raw materials, without having to get the goods delivered physically. However, the ETCs are in contrast to the normal Open End Certificates that are physically backed securities, a basket of securities (Basket) or backed by precious metals. Here, the investors are in a position to claim a physical collateral in the event of insolvency

ETCs can be used flexibly on all underlyings, without sacrificing essential features of ETFs: Stock market trading, multiple market makers, determination and trade into an "intrinsic value". This is comparable to the NAV of funds, collateral issuer risk.


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