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Click here to download the "Basics Of Savings and Investing"
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    Stock Market

    On this international Stock Market you can buy and sell shares of listed companies. Just open your free account and start using our platform to trade.


    Sell / Buy

    On each company page you can buy and sell stocks. There are two ways to enter an order: Limit price orders and best price orders.



    Share your activity with our live trading community. You can add investors as friends, send them messages or just observe their trading strategies.


    Live Trading

    Discover how live trading works on our trading accounts. All prices you see are live streaming prices from our database.


    Open Account

    Open your free trading account in less than 2 minutes. You can also open a Training Account using virtual 100 000.00 € to learn how to trade stocks on our platform.


The Hybrid Stock Exchange presents :The Basics Of Savings and Investing “The Investor Protection”. This unique teaching tool is great for students as well as adult learners who wish to learn about sound financial decision making and investing throughout their lives.

This 128 page document is absolutely FREE and offers you the tools and information that will help you learn to trade wisely and safely. It will show you how trading is done in real-time and how to further improve your financial understanding of the stock market.

This guide is divided into four self-contained units which focus on:

  • Getting Started - Understanding the financial markets

  • Introduction to Financial Markets - Making sound financial and investment decisions

  • Making a Financial/Investment Plan - Selecting among the various saving and investing options

  • Investment Fraud - Recognizing and victim-proofing yourself against investment fraud and knowing how regulators help to protect investors

Learning how to invest is very valuable information which many people already benefit from. HYBSE believes that no middle man is needed and that you hold the power to trade and make decisions wisely and safely. This is why we highly recommend this guide and hope to show you that is not nearly as intimidating as people think and can actually be enjoyable and fun.


Click here to download the "Basics Of Savings and Investing"
Download Guide


Remember, “The best investment is in yourself” 



For Issuer 

  • - Low registration fees
  • - It is quick and easy to decide on registration as the
  •   price list is quite brief and to the point.
  • - Quick and simple uploading and updating of
  •   documents
  • - Easy upload unbiased transparent information
  • - Full control over buy and sell orders
  • - Active ratio calculation is done for the seller
  • - User friendly electronic platform
  • - Free educational tools for issuer
  • - Immediate settlement after matched price
  • - Internal “Facebook” (Finbook)
  • - Flexible lock-up periods from 6 to 36 months for
  •   Investors

For Investors

  • - Minimal transaction fees of up to 1.5%
  • - No brokerage fees
  • - Easy unrestricted access to issuers' information
  • - Colour display of ratio calculations  
  •   on highlighted barometers from green to red
  • - No registration fees required
  • - User friendly full electronic platform
  • - Free educational tools for investor
  • - Immediate settlement of equities and funds
  • - Internal “Facebook” (Finbook)
  • - Discounts on lock-up shares
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