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FREE Stock Market Training in Real-Time to Practice Trading!

Start a Real-Time Stock Market Training contest with your friends, class or club. Register a FREE Real-Time Stock Market Training now and learn why more than hundreds of thousands of people use this site to learn about the stock market and practice trading.

      >  FREE Registration

      >  FREE Daily training

      >  FREE Educational tutorials and movies

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      >  FREE Real time market data

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Hybrid Stock Exchange was created to help you learn how the stock market works by giving you 100 000 virtual monies to practice trading stock online. This unique stock market practice account is realistic, real-time, and allows you to practice trading stocks and ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities).

Your account on this website features the following educational articles:

      >  Glossaries

      >  Words of the Day

      >  Quotes of the Day

      >  Movies

      >  Educational books to download

These articles are for you to learn more each time you visit our web site.

As you register for free, you will receive a broker account with 100 000 virtual monies which enables you to practice trading immediately. To help you get started, visit our Learn Centre for guidance. You will also be invited to view video tutorials once you have an account.

Best of all, the account on this site is completely free!


Virtual Hybrid Stock Exchange

Our simulator performs like a real brokerage account but using virtual money. Hybrid Group created a software that makes you an INVESTOR AND BROKER AT THE SAME TIME. You can practice trading real stocks and ETCs, as a virtual HYBSE player with absolutely no risk.

Practice before trading in the real Stock Market with your real money! If the Stock Market is new to you and you need more help, you can also download the stock market course to learn about beginning to invest. Our virtual stock market will help you learn how the market works, give you ideas on how to select the best stocks to buy, and help you learn the basic stock market terms.

Special features include:

      >  Free stock market practice trading game.

      >  Trading without any risk!

      >  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

      >  Real-Time Ratio Calculator.

      >  Real-time Quotes and Charts.

      >  Up to 5 Lock-up periods.

      >  Live Chat.

      >  Fully automated trading platform.

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