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Perfect Industries 11.74 € (0.00%) Green Fuel 12.21 € (0.00%) Tropican Holidays 18.37 € (0.00%) Super Power 17.33 € (0.00%) SkyHigh Aeronautics 39.46 € (0.00%) 3DD Systems Solutions 13.25 € (0.00%) 3rd Millennia Group 23.40 € (0.00%)


A valid Identity or Passport document.

Min. age 18

Min. amount Euro 100.-

If you are bringing securities in to HYBSE-System min. Trading amount Euro 5000.- and an administration fee of Euro 800.-

Proof of residential address, for example, water and electricity bill (not older than three months), your bank statement (not older than three months) or current lease agreement. The documents must be in the name of the account holder. If not, written confirmation from the account holder that the applicant lives at the residential address and a certified copy of the account holder's identity document is required.

A bank statement not older than 3 months(Please note that we do accept electronic statements. Only an unedited email from your bank with the attached statement will be accepted). The name of the bank account must correspond with the applicant’s details.

Proof of income tax number, for example, copy of an official document issued by the Tax Revenue Services.

Please note that due to the government's anti-money laundering legislation, we require original or originally certified copies of the valid identity or Pass document.

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