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Registering as Investor is also very simple. Like the Game Account, you can find the register button on the right panel (Figure - 1). Click  'Register Investor Account' button from the right panel to go to the registration page.


Register Investor Account 

Figure - 1 : Registering Investor Account in the Hybrid Stock Exchange 

Enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Country, Email and Password (need to enter again in Confirm Password), tick the "I have read and agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" checkbox and then click on the "Create Account' button (Figure - 2).


 Investor Registration Page

Figure - 2 : Investor Account Registration Page


If done correctly, you will see the following message at the top of the page : "Your account was created! Please verify your email address by clicking the link we have sent you.".


Please check your email address and activate your account by clicking the link provided(Option 1, Figure - 3).

sample verification emailFigure - 3 : Sample verification email showing in gmail, with auto generated link to activate account.


Once your account is activated, you will be taken to the login page with a verification message (Figure - 4). You can now log in using your email address (Option 1, Figure - 4) and password (Option 2, Figure - 4).

account verified

Figure - 4 : Account verification message in login page


Once you are logged in to the Hybrid Stock Exchange using your email and password, you will need to verify your account and bank info. An alert on top of the page (with links of both pages) will notify you to verify your documents (option 1, Figure - 5). Alternatively, you can access those pages from the user menu at the right column (option 2, Figure - 5).

ways of verifying investor

Figure - 5 : Ways of verifying your Account and Bank Info



You can go to the verification page either by clicking on the link in the alert box (Option 1, Figure - 5), or from the user menu at the right column (Option 2, Figure - 5). In the verification page, you need to upload scanned copies of any of the following documents (in jpg, gif or png format): Passport, Driving License, Government ID proof or any document that bears your photograph with a clearly written address. To upload your document, simply click 'Browse' button to choose your document and then click on 'Upload' button (Figure - 6).

account verification

Figure - 6 : Account Verification Page


Bank Information

You can go to the bank information page either by clicking on the link in the alert box (Option 5, Figure - 4), or from the user menu at the right column (Option 2, Figure - 5).Enter your banking information and then click 'Save' to submit.

bank info

Figure - 7 : Bank Information Page


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