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To register in the Hybrid Stock Exchange as an Issuer, click on the 'Register your company' link at the right column (Figure - 1) to go to the Registration Page.

issuer registration link

Figure - 1 : Issuer Registration link


Registering as an Issuer needs a little bit more information than the previous two, so for your convenience, it was setup in several steps (Figure - 2).

create company steps

Figure - 2 : Steps for registering an issuer account



1. Sign-up Information

At first, you need to provide information of the legal representative of your company, who is given the authority to act on behalf of the company (Figure - 3). The fields in this step are as follows: First Name, Last Name, Email and Password (need to enter again in Confirm Password). On every field, there will be a pop up box at the right side, with more detailed descriptions for your convenience. After entering the information, tick the "I have read and agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" checkbox and click on the 'Next' button to proceed to the next step. You can come back to a previous step any time during the registration process and review or update your entered information until you are finished.


issuer registration step 1

Figure - 3 : Step 1 for Issuer Registration


 2. Company Information

This step is divided into two columns. The left column allows you to upload your company logo and other images for your gallery (Option 1, Figure - 4) while the right column requires other company information (Option 2, Figure - 4).

  • To upload your company logo, click on the 'Select Logo...' button from the left. A new interface will appear at the page with two buttons. Click on the 'Select your logo file here' and browse you logo file to upload. Once it is uploaded, you will have a cropping function with a dragable area to crop your logo's suitable area if the file is too large. When you are satisfied with the cropped area of your logo, click on the 'Save logo and continue' button. Alternately, you can click on the 'Back' button to discard it.
  • To upload images for the gallery, click on the 'Select Images...' button on the left column. Image upload editor will appear with 'Back' and 'Add file' buttons. Click on the 'Add file' button to browse and add images. Added images will appear at the bottom with a 'Delete' button at the right of each image for your convenience. Click on the 'Back' button when you are done adding images.
  • The following company information can be added at the right column: Name of company, Address, Post Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Company Tel, Second Company Tel, Third Company Tel, Company Fax, Company Email, Company Web Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn URL, Facebook URL, Google+ URL, Business Activities and Employees.
  • You can also add information about subsidiary companies (if needed) by clicking on the 'Add Subsidiary Company' button at the end of the form (Option 3, Figure - 9). The information you need to add for each subsidiary company is similar to the one mentioned above.


Once all the information is correctly filled, click on the 'Next' button to continue to the next step.


issuer registration step 2

Figure - 4 : Step 2 for Issuer Registration


 3. Company Description

This step is very straight forward (Figure - 5). You need to enter the following information:

  • At the top, the fields are Incorporation State or City, Incorporation Country, Incorporation Year, Company Register Number, Nominal value of the share (Par value) in EUR, Number Of Shares Issued Outstanding, Number of shares total authorized, Number of shareholders with less than 5%, Total Revenues of previous year in EUR, Total net profit of previous year in EUR, Forecasted revenues this year in EUR, Forecasted net profit this year in EUR, Operative Cashflow in EUR, Dividend last year in EUR, Dividend this year in EUR, Annual turn-over in EUR, Total assets this year in EUR, Total assets last year in EUR, Rating Agencies, Agency Rating, Rating Agency Website and Description of the company activities.
  • Next part consists of Stock Information: ISIN, WKN, Total number of issuing shares, and Planned Issuing Date.
  • The last part is Lock-up steps. In here, first,  you have to select the number of steps , followed by Allowed free-flow shares and Initial free-flow shares sell order. For each step, you also need to specify share range, End period (in months) and Discount (in percentage).


Once all the information is correctly filled, click on the 'Next' button to continue to the next step.


issuer registration step 3

Figure - 5 : Step 3 for Issuer Registration


4. Management Information

In this step, you need to enter the following:

  • Information of Primary Officer (Option 1, Figure - 6): Name of Primary Officer, Telephone, Email, % of company shares and Passport image.
  • Information of Management Member (Option 2, Figure - 6): Complete Name, Position, Telephone, Email, % of company shares and Passport.
  • You can add more management member(s) (if needed) by clicking in the 'Add other Management Member' button at the end of the form (Option 3, Figure - 6). The information needed is similar to the one mentioned above.


As usual, once all the information is correctly filled, click on the 'Next' button to continue to the next step.


issuer registration step 4

Figure - 6 : Step 4 for Issuer Registration


 5. Banking Information

This step requires the following information: Bank Name, Bank Address, Bank Account Holder, Bank Account Number, Bank Depot Account Number, Bank Telephone, Bank Officer Name, Bank Officer Direct Tel, Bank Officer Email, IBAN Code and SWIFT Code (Figure - 7).


Click 'Next' to go to the next step when the information is given.


issuer registration step 5

Figure - 7 : Step 5 for Issuer Registration


 6. Financial Documents

This step requires all the financial documents: Actual Business Plans, Company presentation, An actual Extract of Register of Commerce, Certificate of Incorporation of the company (if appropriate), Audited financial report of previous year (if appropriate), Actual unaudited financial report, Year interim financial statements (inappropriate), Value rating report in EUR, Patents, News and Analysis. To add more document(s) (if needed), just click on the 'Add another document' button at the bottom. You can then enter the title of the document and the document file itself.


Click 'Next' to go to the next and final step when the documents are given.


issuer registration step 6

Figure - 8 : Step 6 for Issuer Registration


7. Confirmation

The final step does not require any more information to be given but rather to confirm the information you have provided so far. All of your entered data is shown here with an edit icon at the right side of each title which allows you to switch to any step and to modify the values if needed. When you have confirmed that everything is in order, click on the 'Finish' button to conclude the registration process. You will see a success page similar to figure - 9 below.


company added successfully

 Figure - 9 : Company added successfully in HYBRID STOCK MARKET


Once your listing is approved by the Admission Committee of the Hybrid Stock Exchange, your company will be eligible for trading.

Register to start trading!

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