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What is the Hybrid OTC (Over-the-Counter) Market?

Software specialists from the Frankfurt Stock Market (Xetra) who fused the latest technology with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers and programmed it into one cutting edge online platform called it the Hybrid Stock Exchange.

How can a company become a member?
To register your company online, please upload all the required documents. The Hybrid OTC Market membership admission and monitoring committee will verify all the documents and then either approve or reject the membership of your company. After successful authorization, please send us your documents by post. Once your documents are received by us, we will activate your account on our online platform. For a company membership, all shareholders with more than 5% shares need to give written consent.
What are my obligations as a member?
We refer you to the current version of the Hybrid OTC Market General Terms and conditions.
How much will you pay for your membership?
A corporate membership is a monthly participation fee and an additional annual participation fee of 0.15% of the company's share value.
What is the Hybrid OTC Market membership admission and monitoring committee?
The Hybrid OTC Market membership admission and monitoring committee is a committee of at least three (3) internal Hybrid OTC Market employees, with the task of reviewing the company’s documents and verifying whether the company’s membership is approved or rejected. In addition, the committee will also supervise the terms and conditions of the Hybrid OTC Market. A Chairman of the supervisory board was appointed among the members of the committee.
How are shares traded on the Hybrid OTC Market?
Shares are traded outside of the OTC Market trading platform directly between two participants who trade through various communication modes e.g. telephones, emails, and proprietary electronic trading systems. A trade can be executed between two participants in the OTC Market without others being aware of the price at which the transaction was effected.
What is an over-the counter derivative?
Over-the-Counter derivatives are private contracts that are traded (and privately negotiated) directly between two parties, without going through an exchange or other intermediary.                                                   
What financial obligation or responsibility does the Hybrid OTC Market assume for trading on the online platform?
The Hybrid OTC Market assumes no liability or responsibility for the online trading on the platform. You should have all the requirements for online trading. If you need professional advice or assistance, please contact a broker or a lawyer prior to a transaction. We , therefore, ask you to read our terms of conditions carefully.
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