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§ 1. Registration Fees

Registration fees are for the admission to participate on the OTC Market of the HYBSE, the admission of securities, the rights to exchange information on the platform, the registration of securities of no specific maturity and participation in the Exchange Trader Examination.

§ 2. Dates for Fees
Expenses and/or fees are payable upon publication of the cost decision to the party obligated to pay fees, unless a later point in time is determined. Pro rata refunds of fees and expenses shall be impermissible.

§ 3. Due Dates for Fees and Expenses
All payments are required upfront. Pay periods are stipulated as per item No. § 9 whereby HYBSE holds the right to block the account until outstanding fees are settled.

§ 4. Parties Obligated to Pay Fees
Fees and expenses pursuant to item No.§ 1 shall be paid by the companies that obtain registration admission on HYBSE. The applicant/issuer is liable for payment. In case an applicant/issuer fails to meet the requirements with regard to payments, HYBSE holds the right to block/deregister the issuer indefinitely.

§ 5. Recipient of Fees
The HYBSE operator is the recipient of all fees. Receiving details will be found on the invoice.

§ 6. Deferral and Cancellation Fees
In particularly justifiable individual cases, the applicant/issuer can upon request, change the deadline for payment of fees, or fully or partially cancel. The issuer will be then charged with a cancellation fee of a fixed amount of 5,000.00€ (five thousand EURO) plus 0.25% of the face value of the company.

§ 7. Legal Remedies
Any aggrieved party has recourse to take issue of any matter in respect of all decisions taken on the basis of the present Fee Regulations to the courts of law.

§ 8. Registration & Participation Fee
Registered companies shall pay a monthly participation fee and an additional annual participation fee of 0.15% of their share value as specified in ANNEX 1 below.

§ 9. Fee Regulations
Payment conditions of 30 day periods are to be met. Annual fees are billed at the end of October of every year. Irrespective of the fees pursuant, an additional penalty fee in the amount of 1,500.00€ shall be levied for each application on the delay of a transaction. In case of transactions that have been effected and have not reflected on our side, the applicant/issuer may send proof of payment, via tele-copy or electronically.

§ 10. Online Marketing Fee
Online marketing fee shall be billed for distributing the issuer through the social network client base of HYBSE, print media and other online platforms.

§ 11. De-Registration Fee
In case of a resignation from the HYBSE at any given time, a fee of 10,000.00€ shall be billed.

§ 12. Effectiveness
The Fee Regulations shall become effective from the 01st August 2016.

§ 13. ISIN
International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN).
The obtaining fee for an ISIN number for the applicant/issuer shall be billed a fixed amount of 450.00€

§ 14. Prospectus fee
A prospectus fee of 10,900.00€ shall be billed for writing and creating a public offer prospectus.

§ 15. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
International Financial Reporting Standards are designed as a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries. It is a standard way of how HYBSE international shareholding trades in several countries. Please contact [email protected] .

§ 16. Securitization fee
Securitization fee will be charged directly from the bank.



Participation Fees 1,000.00€ per month

Deferral and Cancellation Fees 5,000.00€

De-Registration Fee 10,000.00€

Annual Participation Fee Percent 0.15%

**Online Marketing Fee 800.00€ per month

Online Marketing extra Fee 2,500.00€ per month

Transitional fees from one account to the other :

1. Cash charging account fee amount: 0.00€

*Specialist Trader 2.5% per trade

Extra Administration Fee - Legal and Compliance 260.00€ per hour

Extra Administration Fee - Public Relations & Marketing 140.00€ per hour

Extra additional IT projects 190.00€ per hour

Accountant Fee: Please refer to :
[email protected]

* The Specialist Trader is a software that will monitor and assist your selling and buying
according to the way your settings are designed. It operates like an automated trader for

NOTE: We do not make any guarantees for wins or losses.
** Fee that is chargeable for services received from a person who
assisted in the arrangement of documents or any other relevant instruments.


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