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The market is currently closed! It'll open again on Thursday, 26th April 2018 at 10:00. We look forward to your visit!


All data and information transmitted over the Hybrid Stock Exchange by all its users are secured as follows:

Internal Office

Server Hosting

  • Internal Server Encryption

    1. Every folder is encrypted.

    2. Every employee can only access his/her folder in the department.

    3. Every employee has an encrypted code to access the workstation.

    4. Every workstation is additionally encrypted.

  • Every client's information is separately encrypted with different technologies

  • Every access to any folder or file is recorded and held.

  • Backup

    1. Additional backup on site is encrypted on a separate server

    2. Back up to an external cloud is triple encrypted

  • Firewall

    1. The hardware firewall has got customized rules

    2. Our system is protected by four firewalls

      1. One is main hardware firewall acting as a head router

      2. One firewall on each subrouter

      3. One on the main server and on back up servers

      4. One on every workstation

  • Operating System

    1. The Operating System at the office is Linux Ubuntu

    2. We mainly use open source software to avoid backdoors


Access to the Stock Market for Employees

To access the password, we use:

  1. Keepass technology on which the credentials are encrypted

  1. A TAN card, a digital file and a master password.

We have assigned one of the most trusted web services host in South Africa.


  • We have own dedicated servers at many different locations.

  • We have chosen the best and most costly option that our hosting company offers; it has the highest security level.

  • It is SSL security certified (online banking standard).

  • There are three (3) databases that are stored separately, meaning that should someone try to break-in, they would not identify the relationship among the three.

  • The servers are using heavy encryptions for user related data.

  • We are using Enterprise Level Firewall Systems called Cloudflare.



 (The information on this page was updated and approved on 27/02/2017 / PUB-IT2017-MA)

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